Terms of use

User Agreement 

The visitor of the website must read and agree to the terms of use if epithimei to use his services and to purchase products from our company Demirtzoglou Spyridon & SIA OE


Product prices and availability 

Prices of products sold include the current VAT while our company epifylasetai the permissions to adjust prices. 

For availability of products are requested to contact us before executing an order. 

Our company can accept or not part of the order or the entire order without being obliged to accept your order also apalasete for any failure of performance. 

The shipment of the products become the headquarters of our company in Thessaloniki. For dispatching the products to the buyer or anywhere else is as leading products to travel with risk of the purchaser. 


Force majeure 

If for reasons of force majeure (bad weather, strikes, etc.) products delayed to surrender our company is not charged any responsibility on the delay. 



All our tires are covered by a 24 month warranty 


Under the conditions: 


1.Sostis storage and placement 

Two. Properly inflated according to the specifications of each tire. 

Three. Proper use for the intended specific product. 


The company owes us if after examination it is found that there is a defect which was caused by manufacturing defect to give adequate compensation in the form ektosis new market the same product based on the balance of the remaining tread is left on the defective tire. 

You expressly agree that any liability of the company only the value of each product and in no case any damage caused to persons or objects from the defective tire. 

The warranty does not cover damage caused by cutting, drilling, road defects, wrong air pressure, inappropriate - wrong installation, damage during transport (trimming hoist or anything else) from scuffing rims, adding hardware, racing, overloading , improper balance or efthigramisi, Walking without air friction projections of the vehicle or any other cause that is beyond the control of our company. 

Alaya like these can lead to sudden tire damage which enhance the chances of serious injury. 

The tires are made to keep up with any concrete standars Bedlinnen can be epikyndini. 

The purchaser and not our company is ypefthinos to pay any costs (transport-mount etc) needed for the tire before and after purchase. 


Rules for proper use and storage of tires 


1.Elexchete often tire pressure and adjust it in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. 

2.The Radial tires should be mated with radial tires. 

3.The combination palette - worn and new tires on a vehicle is not recommended. 

4.Chrisimopoiiste suitable rim for each tire. 

5. Tires Store in dry shaded place and low or high temperatures. 

6. Tires must not come into contact with oil, grease and petroleum products generally. 



If the visitor wants to engegrafei services website should provide real and valid data. 

Accounts with incomplete or false information will be deleted without warning. 


Privacy Policy 

To start EXCHANGE and Consignment required so issued as documents, for this reason, the user must provide the appropriate information (name, occupation, adress, VAT, Tax, Telephone or just name address and phone number if it is a simple proof ) which is not disclosed to third parties without ° of each client. 


Security EXCHANGE - navigation 

Our company states that all information and data obtained from the users remain confidential. 



The has the ability to use Cookies diefkolinsis as part of the Service and services through the website. 


Legal proceedings 

Our company sues and is sued only in the courts of Thessaloniki. 


Modification of parontos 

Our company Demirtzoglou Spyridon & SIA OE reserves the right to update the terms of use.