All our tires are covered by warranty

LEAO 3 year warranty

Speedways 1 year warranty

Turkish tires 2 years warranty


Under the conditions: 


1.Sostis storage and placement 

Two. Properly inflated according to the specifications of each tire. 

Three. Proper use for the intended specific product. 


If after examination conducted by the competent organs of our company found that there is a defect which was caused by a construction defect, our company must give adequate compensation in the form ektosis same market new product based on the balance of the remaining tread has left on the defective tire. 

You expressly agree that any liability of the company only the value of each product and in no case any damage caused to persons or objects from the defective tire. 

The warranty does not cover damage caused by cutting, drilling, road defects, wrong air pressure, inappropriate - wrong installation, damage during transport (trimming hoist or anything else) from scuffing rims, adding hardware, racing, overloading , improper balance or efthigramisi, Walking without air friction projections of the vehicle or any other cause that is beyond the control of our company. 

Alaya like these can lead to sudden tire damage which enhance the chances of serious injury. 

The tires are made to keep up with any concrete standars Bedlinnen can be epikyndini. 

The purchaser and not our company is ypefthinos to pay any costs (transport-mount etc) needed for the tire before and after purchase. 


Rules for proper use and storage of tires 


1.Elexchete often tire pressure and adjust it in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. 

2.The Radial tires should be mated with radial tires. 

3.The combination palette - worn and new tires on a vehicle is not recommended. 

4.Chrisimopoiiste suitable rim for each tire. 

5. Tires Store in dry shaded place and low or high temperatures. 

6. Tires must not come into contact with oil, grease and petroleum products generally.